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My favorite brushes | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello everyone! Today I decided to write about my favourite brushes at the moment. The last months I have been trying a variety of different brushes for foundation, powder ect. ,so I thought to write a post to tell you about whice of them I like the most and recommend. So let's get started, because I think this is going to take an enternity.

Foundation Brush

When I first started using foundation I had no idea how to do it. I was using my fingers to apply and blend it all over my face. Then I bought the classic foundation paint brush from Avon, but it made no difference. After all, I thought that I should invest in a good brush that it will really help me. So, after I read some reviews I got the Real Techniques stippling brush. Some people in reviews use this brush for blush and some others use it for foundation, saying that they prefer to use it this way. I decided to give it a go and I bought it from  for 15€/17$. I'm OBSESSED with this brush, it's my favorite and I believe it will be FOREVER. It's a multifunctional brush, that you can use it for
foundation, blush, powder or ever concealer.
It gives a flawless result without streaks. It's my
HG brush.

This brush isn't so expencive, but if you're looking for something more affordable, then you should turn on the Jessup Flat Face brush from ebay. It's super economical. I bought the set of 5 pieces they've got, but if you buy it itself it cost 3€/3.70$. It's not so good as the Real Techniques one, but it does the job.

Concealer Brush

For concealer I usually use the MAC 188 brush.  It doesn't leave streaks at all, unless you apply multiple layers. But I don't think anyone does this with concealer. The only thing you will get is a bad creasing after some hours. Most people use it for foundation, but I think is too small for this job. While I was reading reviews about it, some people said that they had problems about the cleaning part. I didn't have any of these problems. I wash it with the MAC brush cleaner or a hair shampoo with moroccan argan oil. This brush is very expensive, I got it for 37€/40$. If you don't really need it don't spend so much money on it. You can find much cheaper brushes which do the same work.

One of them is the Kiko Milano double brush. The one side is for eyeshadow, but I like to use it for concealer and the other side I use it for lip balms or if I want to highlight my lips with a different lipstick than the one I'm wearing. So this brush has a very good quality and it's one of my favorites. I got it from Kiko when I went to Venice, for 5€/5.50$. It was on sale, but the original price is around 10€/10.90$.

If you want to go for a lot cheaper you can check again the Jessup Flat Angled brush from ebay. A lot of people who have dark circles have also a darkness in the inner corner of their eye.The angle it has, help you to blend the concealer also in the inner corner very easily.

Powder Brush

For powder again Real Techniques is going to take the prize. The best brush I think is the Buffing brush. It takes the right amount of the product and it sets your make up perfectly without ruin it. With this brush you can just add a little bit of powder οn your face and you are ready to go. It's very thick but also very soft.  I got it from ebay for 17€/18.40$.

Another brush which is very economical but it does great job is the Avon powder brush. It has very thin bristles and helps especially when you are in a rush, you can just dust a little bit οn your face and that's all. It costs about 6€/6.50$.

Blush Brush

Although I have tried many different blush brushes my favorite is the Oriflame blush brush. Blush brush? Omg. What a tongue twister. Anyway, this brush it has the perfect shape for blush or bronzer because it's thin and matches amazing with my face. It's made from natural hair and the first time I used it stank but thankfully after 2 or 3 washes, the smell stopped. I got it for 9€/9.80$.

Eyeshadow Brush

For eyeshadows my most necessary brushes are 3. The first one is the Real Techniques Base Shadow brush (10€/10.90$) which is perfect to blend eyeshadow over the eyelid. Then I also use a cheap blending brush from ebay (2€/2.50$) if I want to add another colour. In the end, I use the Jessup Tapered Eye brush (2€/2.50$) on the crease of my eyes for more definition on my eye look.

So these are my favorite brushes. I hope I helped you. If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me. I will be really glad to help you.

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