Thursday, October 08, 2015

I Love Fall TAG ♡Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope you're doing okay! I was tagged by the beautiful Lily Angelova from to do the ''I Love Fall'' Tag and spread my favourite things about fall. I really like fall, because the weather is getting colder and we are slowly moving to my favourite season which is winter of course. This is my first tag and I hope there will be more in the future, because I love collabs with other bloggers from all over the world. So let's begin! 

1.Favourite fall lip product

My favourite lip product for fall, can't be anything but my new L'oreal Color Riche Laetitia's Pure Red, which is definitely not a pure red! Although this is a new addition in my collection, I first tried this lipstick last year and I loved it! It's a gorgeous burgundy matte shade. Usually when I'm hearing for a matte lipstick I'm thinking 'oh this is gorgeous, but it will be so dry on my lips'. But I was so wrong this time. It it so creamy and it can be applied so smoothly, that I was shocked. It is also one of my most longlasting lipsticks. If you don't own this, you should! It worth it so much!

2.Favourite drink for fall

Favourite drink for fall? It doesn't need so much thought. It is tea for sure! I discovered recently an amazing shop which only sells tea and coffee and it has so many variety of them, which everytime I get confused and I want to buy them all! My absolute favourite flavours is ''Red Square'', the famous Twinings tea with lemon, the English breakfast black tea and Lipton Forest Fruit. Every one of them has such a special taste which makes it unique. I like to drink tea in my huge snowman mug. I know it's massive, but I love it!

3.Favourite fall nail polish

I like a lots of different nail polish to wear during fall. I can't decide which one I like more, so I'll tell for both of them. It's the Avon Nailwear Pro + nail polishes in Pastel Pink and this grey shade which doesn't have a name on it. Weird. So I like to paint my nails with these colours and sometimes I paint them with both of them. It's a great combination.

4.Favourite fall candle

My absolute favourite candle is by Hygge Candles and it's the Chocolate Muffin candle. It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! These are a creation of my lovely friend Lily, who was kindly enough to send me some to try out. I did send her some other stuff from Greece.  If you live in Denmark you should definitely check them out. The link to the site is:

5.Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?

Well, It's so bad, we don't celebrate Halloween in Greece. I wish we'll do someday! :( I like so much costumes and makeup people do and I'm so jealous every single year.

6.Favourite scarf/accessory for fall?

I would say my umbrella because it is always on my bag, in case of rain, but I think I will choose my beautiful black and white scarf! This scarf I bought it from Italy and it was way more expensive than any scarf I have bought. It cost 35-40€ I think. But I was so in love with the print and how soft it was that I couldn't resist. 

7.Favourite candy

That is definitely ION Noisetta. It's a small chocolate bite with a whole hazelnut in it. Oh my Gosh, it tastes so good!! My grandma always has a lots of them in her home and everytime I go there I eat so many! If you ever come to Greece try them! 

8.Your favourite horror movie?

Horror movies are my favourites! I watch them all the time. I have so many favourites, but some of them are ''The Shining'' (as a huge fan of Stephen King), ''Friday the 13th:The final chapter'', ''1408'' and ''It''. If you have any recommendations for horror movies please comment me which are your favourites! 

9.Favourite blush for fall?

Difficult choice! There are so many different blushes I love. I think most of the times I grab 'Peaches' blush by MAC. It's a beautiful coral shade and coral shades are my HG for fall. 

10.Favourite thing about fall?

I really don't have to think that! It's hot chocolate, tea, horror movie nights with my friends, candles and rainy nights! 

As this is a tag post, I'm tagging the followings:

1. Rachel Cooke from
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4. Evaggelia A. Kokkini

Please comment bellow what's your favourite stuff about fall, I'l love to know! That's it for today beauties. I will see you again on Monday! Have a nice weekend. xx

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  1. Thank you for the tag I love the lipstick!

    1. You are welcome hun! As for the lipstick I have done a whole post about it. It's called ''10 lipsticks for 10 days-Part 1". I have a lot more details! :)

  2. Thanks for the tag Ariana! I can't wait to get this post up, love love love the lipstick and blush! I'll let you know when I've done it :) x

    1. You are welcome love! Let me know when your post is up! I'd love to read it. xx