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The best thrillers/horror movies of all time ♡ Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello my beautiful friends! Inspired from my ''I Love Fall'' TAG, a recent discussion I had with some friends and the fact that Halloween is just behind the corner, I decided to do a post about my absolute favorites thriller/horror movies of all time. These kind of movies were always my favourites! I won't list them with any particular order. It's just as I remembered them. So let's begin! 

1. The Shining

As a HUGE fan of Stephen King's books, this movie couldn't be missing from my favourites. The plot is about a family who makes a fresh start by heading into a haunted isolated hotel for the winter. The son has psychic abilities and he can see things happened there from the past and also from the future. The father gradually possessed by an evil presence, he becomes violent and he tries to kill his wife and his son. One of the BEST movies of Jack Nicholson who plays the father. 10/10!!

Click below to see the trailer:

2. IT

Again a Stephen King's movie. This was the first horror movie I saw when I was 7 year old. Yes! I was only 7!! But I think this is why I'm not afraid of horror movies. I was TERRIFIED when I saw that movie, but that was it. Fear never visited me again. It's about 7 kids who stand against an evil demon with a clown's appearance and he killed some children in the town. 30 years after they return back to face the same monster again. Although I didn't enjoy the end, the rest of the movie was AWESOME.

Click below to see the trailer:

3. Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno)

One of the best spanish movies.We are in Spain, 1944,during war. A 10 year old girl moves with her pregnant mother, in a stronghold where girl's stepfather is the captain of the army. The little girl discovers an old abandoned  labyrinth and a mysterious faun, who disclose her that she is the princess they've been waiting for so long. 

Click below to see the trailer:

4. 1408

1408. Soo creapy.  It's from Stephen King. Are you surprised? A man who is specialized on paranormal activities decides to spend a night on the famous room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. Although the director of the hotel warn him about the 56 deaths which happened inside the room, he insist to stay all night on that room. But soon he will face terror and death themselves. Are you ready for 1408? 

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5. Insidious

A happy family with 3 kids moving house. So usual start for a movie. Although this one will end differently. The older son goes into a coma and some paranormal activities takes place. With the help of the doctors, parents try to find out what's going on, but with no luck. They believe the house is haunted and they are moving again. However the problem remains. So, they call a specialist on paranormal activities to solve the mystery. 

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6. The Strangers

You are going to scared till death. Such an amazing horror movie! A man propose to his girlfriend, but she refuse to marry him. So they decide to stay on an isolated vacation home which he rent before, until the next morning. Although an unpleasant surprise waits for them. 

Click below to see the trailer:

7. Saw (All of them)

Sooo much blood! If you don't like those kind of movies, don't watch them! Yes, it's disgusting, but it is such a clever movie. I think they are 7 of them and it's a connected story. It's about a psycho who kidnappes and forces people to play a death game in secret rooms. 

Click below to see all the trailers:

Saw I:
Saw II:
Saw III:
Saw IV:  (Warning!! There are spoilers on that trailer)
Saw V:
Saw VI:
Saw VII:

That's it for today beauties! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it! I will see you very very soon! Bye! 

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