Sunday, April 19, 2015

10 lipsticks for 10 days-Part 10 | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello my beautiful friends! How are you doing? Today for the end of the ''10 lipsticks for 10 days'' posts, I decided to wear a special lipstick that I love. It's the Chanel lipstick in the shade '60 triomp'.

It's one of my favourite lipsticks EVER. It's a dark coral, neither matte nor a shimmery one, just with a beautiful glow. A very good highend product with nice quality. It's very moisturising and it makes my lips soft and smooth. Moreover it has a gorgeous floral scent which I'm in love with. On the other hand, it doesn't last on my lips at all and I need to reapply it within an hour, which is a big
disadvantage.  The packaging is very simple but chic and elegant. It's total black with a gold detail in the middle of it. I got it for 32€/34.60$ from a store called 'La gardenia' in Rome.

So I hope you liked these mini posts I did these days and you enjoyed them. I would love to know what you want to see next. If you'd like follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I'll leave my links below! ♡

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