Monday, August 31, 2015

Soft Clubbing Smokey Eye | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello lovelies! Today I decided to do a soft smokey eye, perfect for clubbing but also not very heavy. So let's get started!

First, I'm using a tape on my eyes, because it helps to create a straight and define line. I'm starting with my eyes, because if I apply my foundation and then remove the tape,it will fade of and I'll have to reapply it.

I'm taking the Matte Eyeshadow Palette. I bought this from Ebay. I will leave the links down below if I can find them. So I'm using a mix of the two brownish shades and I'm blending them on my crease with my blending brush (I also bought that from ebay. I'll link this too).

Then, I'm taking the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and I'm using the shade Snakebite on to my eyelid. And  I'm taking again my blending brush and..... blend blend blend blend!!

I am using again the Mattes Palette and I am taking the first eyeshadow which is a soft beige colour and I am applying this on my inner corner and my brow bone.

After that I'm using the L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black and I'm creating a thin line. The tape helps sooo much the ones who find a bit difficult to apply eyeliner (including me). Most of the times I apply it without the tape, but when I'm using eyeshadow I know I can't fix any mistake I may make.

When I am done with my eyeliner,I am taking my black eye pencil which is the Lancôme 'Le crayon khôl' in the shade 01 Noir and I applying this along my upper waterline.

I almost forgot mascara! I'm using my new Maybelline Great Lash Washable mascara. It's the first time I 'm using this mascara, so maybe I'll tell you my impressions in a review soon.

And eyes are done! I'll take a closer shot so you can see better the result.

One of the most important step of your base is primer. Because we want our foundation to last as long as it can, I use my HG MAC Prep+Prime Skin Visage primer, just to make sure that my foundation is all good and will last all day.

Next I'm using the Boirjois Healthy Mix foundation in the shade Light Vanilla. Usually I reach for my MAC Matchmaster, but that one has SPF, so I will have a bad flashback when I'm taking photos (and everyone takes photos when they are going for clubbing! Admit it!!). Also this foundation has a great coverage, but if you have problem areas you should definitely use a concealer. The finish is neither matte nor dewy. I would describe it like semi-matte.

I'm going for a smokey eye today and I want a flawless make up, so I'll also use the Maybelline 'Fit me' concealer in the shade 15 I guess? I haven't seen any shades on there. So I'm using this to cover some blemishes and areas which need extra coverage.

Then I' going to set everything in place with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, because I like the matte finish.

For my eyebrows I don't want them to be very intense, so I will only use my Maybelline BrowDrama mascara, just to fill them in a little bit and set them in place.

I'm using the Rimmel Natural Bronzer to contour my cheekbones. This bronzer is AMAZING! It's in a very light shade, perfect for my pale skin.

As for blush, I'm using a bit of my Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade 'Live Pink', because my eyes are quite heavy and I don't want to overdo with my face.

The last step is lipstick of course! I think lipsticks are my favourite products after mascara. I couldn't live without lipsticks! For this makeup look I think I'll use my trusty little MAC lip pencil in the shade Hip'n'happy and my MAC lipstick in shade 'Pink Plaid', which is matte.

And that's the finish look!

So that's it for today beauties! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did and you want to be the first to know when a new post is up, follow me by email. Thank you for reading guys and I will see you very very soon!

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