Friday, August 21, 2015

Current Favourites | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello beauties. I missed the August Favourites so today I thought to do a Current Favourites post. That includes some beauty and non beauty related favourites. So shall we start?

The first product is the Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade Pink Punch. I have been using some of the orher shades in the past and I liked them very much, so I bought more of them. I absolutely love this one. I use it everyday. It's so moisturising and it gives my lips a beautiful shimmery pink colour for the no makeup-makeup days. It also smells amazing. Seriously, when I put it on, I want to eat it. I'm really bad describing things, but this reminds a body wash I had a little while ago, which smelled very fruity.

Next I'm IN LOVE with the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. Although it' a drugstore product it gives so much length and volume when I apply it on my eyelashes. The wand is kind of flat on the one side and more circular on the other side. I like to use the flat side on the base of my lashes and the circular one on the rest area. The formula is between wet and dry, more on the wet side I think. It also seperates my lashes, but the most important thing I believe it's that it doesn't flake and doesn't make my lashes look clumpy. Also I really like the packaging.. It's very pretty.

Another Maybelline product that I'm been using very frequently the last months is the Brow Drama in the shade Medium Brown. So either I use first an eyebrow pencil to fill my eyebrows and then I use this product to set them in place or use only the brow mascara to fill any gaps as well it makes them look more natural. Although I have to share two complains. The first is the brush. I believe it's too thick for brows which are more thinner. Also the range hasn't a variety of colours and it doesn't matches to some people's brow colour. It' a cheap alternative if you want to define your brows and set them in place. It costs only 7€/7,80$.

Then I've got the Avon Amazonian Treasures face mask with Brazilian Acai and berries from the Planet Spa collection. I bought this months ago but I didn't really used it,because I was stucked on my Korres face masks. But then, about a month ago I decided to give it a go and I really liked it. My first thought was that it smells absolutely amazing and that make me buy all the other products from this range which I will review them soon, so stay tuned for that. These are very good products and I really don't understand why people don't usually buy from these companies. Back to this product, this mask doesn't have any colour, it's clear when you apply it on you face. I usually leave it for 10-15 minutes and then I use a sponge from The Body Shop to remove it. The most amazing part is when you remove it. It leaves your skin so soft and smooth and hydrated.I'm very imressed. I think the Avon Planet Spa collection is a really really good copy of some of The Body Shop products!

Another product I like very much these days is the H&M blusher pink. I didn't even know H&M had a beauty section, until I visited one of their shops. I was quite surprised when I discovered them and I thought I should take some stuff to try them out. It has three different shades which are pink, peach and a coraly one. All these mix together create a very beautiful colour which flatters my skin tone. It cost me only 5.60€/6.30$, so if you want something more affordable this is totally a very good product you should try out.

Next I have the Micellaire makeup wipes. I've been using the Micellaire water for 6 months now and I really like it, so I thought to try the Micellaire makeup wipes. Although I don't like makeup wipes at all, I was very imressed from the result of these ones. They didn't have this oiliness which most of makeup wipes have, they didn't smell and the most important they remove all of my makeup. Another advantage is that they leave my skin very soft and also they don't effect my contact lenses,because most of the time, I remove my makeup hours before I sleep so I'm still wearing my contacts. Totally recommend them!

A perfume I'm absolutely obssesed with, is The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower. Oh my Gosh!! It's one of my top 3 perfumes ever. It has such a beautiful sweet scent. Some perfumes are sickly sweet but this one has the right amount of sweetness. Personally I like to use it everyday and keep my heavier perfumes for nightime or special occasions.

Last but certainly not least, a none beauty-related stuff I have to show you, are these cereal bars I bought from a girl who made them by herself. They contain oats, honey, cereals, sesame, chocolate and fruits. They are so so tasty and the best thing is that they are 100% healthy and with no preservatives!

So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed it, If you missed my last post about my everyday summer make up routine I will link it down below.

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All these amazing photos were taken by my beautiful friend and blogger, Evaggelia. I will link her blog down below if you want to check more from her work.

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