Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Top 7 Beauty Products | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hello everyone! For my first blog, I decided to go through my make up products and choose 7 of them which are my favorites. So let's get started!

1.Real Techniques Stippling Brush                                                 
OH MY GOD. This brush.. It's the most perfect brush I have EVER used. First of all, you can use this to apply foundation, powder or blush, so it's like your personal multifunctional brush. It gives a beautiful, flawless result without streaks and I think the quality is amazing for its price. I got it from for 15€/17$,but I'm pretty sure you can find it everywhere. Despite some people complaints about bristles falling out, I haven't noticed anything since my purchase. I definitely recommend this brush for any use you want.
2.Boirjois Healthy Mix Foundation                           For foundation, I use the Boirjois Healthy Mix Foundation EVERY SINGLE DAY since i've bought it. It's a really light foundation with a smooth application and medium coverage. Furthermore, it has a natural finish with a slight sheen. I wouldn't really recommend this foundation for people who have oily complexion, but for every other skin type is a very good and also economic solution. I have the lightest shade which is 'light vanilla' and I got it for 13.60€/15.50$.      

3.Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder  


Rimmel. What can I say for this brand's products? I just adore pretty much everything I have ever tried from Rimmel. This is by far the best powder I have ever used. And believe me I have tried a lot! It gives a beautiful matte finish which sets the rest of your make up but also illuminates your skin.  It doesn't make your skin look powdery or cakey.I think the best way to use this powder is to apply it in your T-zone and other areas which could become oily during the day. The first time I used this powder I did my make up as usual in the morning and by the time I returned back to my house in the afternoon I was like 'Wow! This is not happening. It's just my mirror, playing some kind of game with me.'

And if this could happen I would believe it. I looked exactly the same as I looked in the morning. So if you are searching for a matte pressed powder in a good price I would recommend you this one. I bought it for 5.50€/6.20$. Very attractive price i'd say. 

4.MAC Lipstick (Matte Please Me)                                                                                   

This is probably one of my top 5 lipsticks. It's a gorgeous nude, soft pinkie shade, with a great consistency that lasts all day on my lips. Seriously. If I combine this one with a similar lip pencil it could stay on all day. It really moisturizes my lips, doesn't dry them and makes them look a little bit fuller than they are. You can wear it everyday, in work or even at school or you can wear it at night with a heavy eye make up, just to emphasize the whole look. This cost me 19€/22$. It's quite an expensive product but I don't regreat this purchase, because I think it's worth the money.           

 5.Chanel Rouge Coco (Triomphe 60)

The brand of all brands. The truth is, that although this lipstick is now in this list, I was quite disappointed when i first tried it. I think it's an amazing lipstick, of a good quality and it doesn't make my lips dry. On the contrary, it doesn't last. At least it doesn't last on my lips. I mean, I paid 32€/37$, I got a beautiful, chic chanel lipstick in a gorgeous shade that I love, but when I put it on I'll have to reapply every 1-2 hours. Dear God, WHY??? So this restricts the occasion I use it for. I mean, I obviously use it and I love it, but I will not choose to wear it if I'm going to be out for a long time. I will only use it if I'm going for a coffee or shopping or stuff like this.  So if you want a pretty nude, peachy shade and you don't have a problem neither with the price nor the lasting, I would  definitely recommend it. I forgot to mention that the smell of it.. Oh Sweet Jesus.. It smells AMAZING!                                                                                                          

6.Maybeline Baby Lips Electro (Berry Bomb)                                                                                                    Moving on lip care products we have to mention the Maybeline Baby Lips Electro in the shade Berry Bomb. I'm sure you have heard about these lip balms again and again, but there is good reason for it. It does smell perfect, it hydrates my lips, it gives them a nice sheen and makes them smooth and soft. I also have Baby Lips Peach Kiss, Cherry Me which is also very mosturizing, Pink Punch and Intense Care.                                               
 7.The Body Shop Hand Cream (Shea)                                                                            

Continuing on moisturize, a very good hand cream is The Body Shop Hand Cream with shea butter. In the winter my hands become really dry and they hurt me, so I need to hydrate them. I always prefer this hand cream because the result is amazing and it smells very nice . I usually put it on twice a day, one in the morning and then one at night. It's an economical solution, I think it cost only 4.70€/5.40$ and it's this little pretty packaging in the photo. 

So these were my top 7 beauty products. I hope I helped you and I'll see you next week with another blogpost! 
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