Sunday, February 15, 2015

Make Up Haul ! | Ariana's Beauty Corner

Hi my beautiful friends! I did some shopping these days and I bought some new products, so I thought it could be a good idea to show you what I purchase.
Let's get started!

Mac Lip Pencil (shade: Hip 'N' Happy)              

Firstly I bought this lip pencil to combine it with a mac lipstick I own in the shade 'Please Me' ,but then I realize that I could wear it all alone and it would still look amazing . It's a gorgeous nude pinkie shade,it doesn't dry my lips and it stays all day in place. I got it for 12€/13.70$.So if you are looking for a nude lip pencil this is the one you will love.

Avon Lipsticks (shades: Spring Lilac and Peach Petunia)                

I found these lipsticks in a pretty good deal, 2 lipsticks for 6.70€/7.70$ so I bought them. The first one is in a purple/fuchsia shade, perfect for spring or summer and the other one is in a peachy shade for an everyday look.  They are both shimmery but they look fantastic on my lips and they stay on for hours. I fully recommend them!

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick (shade: 205 Passionate Pink)                                            

When I saw this lipstick my first thought was that it's the best shade for spring. You can't see the actual shade in the picture but it's a beautiful fuchsia shade perfect for our loving season which is coming. The application feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick. So so moisture. Its price is 13.50€/15.40$, but I got it when it was in sale.

Essence Lipstick (shade: 13 Love Me)                

Another GORGEOUS nude shade has this Essence lipstick. I loved it the second I found it. I have already tried this one and it's a really good lipstick. It makes my lips so smooth and it lasts for a few hours. It's a low price lipstick, but for it's price the result leaves me satisfied. I don't remember the price but it was very economical.  


Kiko Eyeshadow Pallette                       

I got this pallette from Kiko in a recent trip that I went in Italy. For God sake! It could become my favorite pallette. I don't use eye shadows but I thought I could buy this to try it out. It lasts all day. It's amazing. I'm really excited I bought it!  It has a very economical price. I got for 5€/5.70$. 

Avon Comb It Mascara                                   

It doesn't look very clearly in the photo, but this mascara has a unique plastic wand like a comb, which makes my lashes look longer with only one coat. It doesn't provide volume, but you can combine it with another mascara, like I do. It picks up just the right amount of product. Also it makes my lashes look naturarly big and thick and holds my eyelashes curl.
I got it in the ridiculous price of 1.30€/1.50$.

So that's all I bought these days! I hope you like my post and I will see you next week with a surprise post! If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to send me a message to

                                                Love you, Ariana <3

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